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Re: Job searching?

On Wed, 2005-12-28 at 14:18 -0600, Danny Sauer wrote:
> I refuse to work someplace that insists on certs in place of a
> qualified interviewer, because if they don't know what I'm doing, they
> won't appreciate the quality.

Be careful with that.  With an engineering degree and a decade of IT
experience, I used to have the same attitude through 2002.

Remember, sometimes you have to have the certs to get past the stupid HR
filters (direct position) or procurement department (consulting).

I finally "gave in" back in 2002, and it's amazing how many more
opportunities I had.

> Or maybe I'm too cheap to pay for certifications - but the first one
> sounds better. :)

I agree, it gets rather expensive -- just for the exams.  I spent almost
$10K over two summers just paying for the _exam_ costs, and any travel
required to take them.

> I'll probably go do one of the Linux certs (likely LPI) sometime in
> the next couple of months, just because that's one more keyword to
> stick on the resue for the HR people, but I'l scowl the whole time. ;)


> Springfield/Decatur/Bloomington/Peoria, or really any place within an
> hour's drive of Lincoln (or, for that matter, any place within a few
> hours of central IL where I can afford to get a new house in a rural
> area with room for six cars and a motorcycle).

What about State Farm?  They are _always_ hiring.  Just be _wary_ of
some consulting firms, and _never_ sign an "open ended" Non-Compete --
especially not for State Farm.

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