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Re: Linux Demo Day

On Tue, Jun 29, 1999 at 02:37:53PM -0500, Burke, Jason wrote:
> I would like to see us participate, but the main problem still remains:
> Where do we hold this at? Once this is figured out then everything 
> else will fall into place (including the Installfest). Any ideas?

I don't think a Linux Demo Day demo has the same requirements as an
installfest location.

For Linux Demo Day, you can get by with a smallish table loaded with
Linux boxes, kind of like what we've done with ComputerFest.  An
Internet connection would be nice, but not necessary, and it wouldn't
need to be all that speedy (in fact, slow might be better in some ways
if we want to show off things like TOS and squid).  The biggest factor
for this should be prominence; a small table with no Internet in the
center of White Oaks would be way better than, say, the old Research &
Collections Center room (were it not cube-filled).

Also, if we participate, we should get some publicity going - perhaps
"Let's Talk Computers" on WMAY, a feature article in the SJR,

If we can get Internet going, it might be fun to coordinate with a few 
other participating LUGs and do some snazzy Internet stuff, like a
webcam or live voice chat or some such.

(Am I full of ideas or what?  Should I shut up now, especially
considering I have no idea how much time I can put into this? :-)

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