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Re: Linux Demo Day

Jeff Licquia wrote:
> On Tue, Jun 29, 1999 at 02:37:53PM -0500, Burke, Jason wrote:
> >
> > I would like to see us participate, but the main problem still remains:
> > Where do we hold this at? Once this is figured out then everything
> > else will fall into place (including the Installfest). Any ideas?
> I don't think a Linux Demo Day demo has the same requirements as an
> installfest location.
> For Linux Demo Day, you can get by with a smallish table loaded with
> Linux boxes, kind of like what we've done with ComputerFest.  An
> Internet connection would be nice, but not necessary, and it wouldn't
> need to be all that speedy (in fact, slow might be better in some ways
> if we want to show off things like TOS and squid).  The biggest factor
> for this should be prominence; a small table with no Internet in the
> center of White Oaks would be way better than, say, the old Research &
> Collections Center room (were it not cube-filled).

Actually, the post on Slashdot had misquoted the date, it's September
12-13, not next month.  So there's plenty of breathing room.  If a
sufficiently trafficed area can be had, combining an Installfest with
this would be good.  When is computerfest anyway?
> Also, if we participate, we should get some publicity going - perhaps
> "Let's Talk Computers" on WMAY, a feature article in the SJR,
> whatever.
> If we can get Internet going, it might be fun to coordinate with a few
> other participating LUGs and do some snazzy Internet stuff, like a
> webcam or live voice chat or some such.
> (Am I full of ideas or what?  Should I shut up now, especially
> considering I have no idea how much time I can put into this? :-)

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