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RE: Linux Demo Day UPDATE

Okay, now that we have everyones attention with Best Buy
let's discuss the software that we want running on each 
machine. I feel that it is very important for every workstation
to have a specific set of software installed for the purpose
of showing everyone that although the desktops may look
different they all have the same functionality. So here's a
list of software that comes to my mind right away:

Applix, StarOffice (prefered in my opinion) or Wordperfect


My brain stopped, anyone else want to add to this list?

Also, I am planning on doing a number of informational
flyers for the demo. So far I have a flyer on the differences
between the distros, and another on explaining simple
commands, and another one with online resources for Linux.
Any other ideas for flyers?

As far as machines go I really don't see the benefit of
displaying any unusual machines (Alphas, dual-processors,
etc). Our target market will mainly be conerned with 
single processor, low-to-middle end computers, and
desktop applications. So unless someone can give another
reason for having one (and not just that it's cool.) I really 
think we should focus our attention on how we want to 
present Linux information to the unwashed masses (not 
the high-end, techical geek types). The Intellistation, and
the Netwinder are sufficient for demo-ing to the geek types.
Our efforts would be better spent showing that Linux can
run on very low-end processors (486-66s to Pentium 200s),
and laptop computers. Keep in mind that we want to use
this to advocate using Linux at home, and that we will be
speaking to new users (I can't stress this enough). Let's
keep that in mind durring our planning.

Well sorry for the length of this, I just needed to get all
that out. Your comments are appreciated.


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