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Re: Linux Demo Day UPDATE

"Burke, Jason" wrote:
> As far as machines go
> Our efforts would be better spent showing that Linux can
> run on very low-end processors (486-66s to Pentium 200s),
> and laptop computers. Keep in mind that we want to use
> this to advocate using Linux at home, and that we will be
> speaking to new users (I can't stress this enough). Let's
> keep that in mind durring our planning.

Well, I'm not gonna buy a slow computer to show people that they can use
one, and I'm drawing from this discussion that a blazing fast dual machine
built for under $900 isn't interesting to non-geeks.  So, as far as machine
setups go, I'm gonna state that I still have the dual box (single Xeon? 
bah. :)) and a K62-400 that are bringable.  The dual looks pretty already,
and the K6-2 is itching for a reason to get SuSE dual-booting w/ Be.  If
either or both of these machines is/are wanted, lemme know - I'll set them
up however would be helpful.  If they're too fast for the average user,
fine - I'll still drive over and answer questions / talk to people for most
of the day... hopefully in my car with linux in the dash. :)

BTW, I think it'd be cool to have 2 identical boxes, one with windows and
one with linux, and some comparable apps running on each (gimp, netscape,
wp, etc.) - for performance comparisons and the like...

--Danny, who wants to help if he can

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