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RE: Linux Demo Day UPDATE

> VMware - Great, I hadn't thought about that due to licensing
> 	   restrictions. Since we want this software to be on
> 	   all the machines there is this going to cause a 
> 	   problem?
The 30 day demo is FREE. I have 3 official licenses as well, therefore
VMware will already be present on my laptop, the intellisation, and the VA
box. Anyone else and download the software plus 30 day license at

> (Actually it would be really awsome to webify the presentation material
> and make it so the demo-er can click through the presentation and
> work with specific applications, ideas, etc. The added benefit is that
> we can have them login at the start of the presentation for gathering
> demographics info. =)
Oh very cool. :)

> That's fair. So, with this in mind, why don't we scrap anything that's not
> in line with what's available at best buy? I'm not adverse to this
> personally, 
> and we can use the Intellistation for the server. 
Sounds good, but does that mean we can't play with the netwinder as eye
candy? ;)

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