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RE: Linux Demo Day UPDATE

Kara wrote:

>> Gimp
>> Netscape
>> Applix, StarOffice (prefered in my opinion) or Wordperfect
>VMware, IE, dosemu/wine, Quake, something with video...

VMware - Great, I hadn't thought about that due to licensing
	   restrictions. Since we want this software to be on
	   all the machines there is this going to cause a 

dosemu/wine - I think this is way beyond the capabilities of
	   our demo.

Quake - Sounds good to me.

something with video - We can use xanim, although it is a 
	   command line program, and could cause problems
	   with some window managers (as far as I know only
	   kde has a graphical interface to xanim.). All we'll
	   need is a good video clip to play (maybe something
	   off the windows95 cd ;-).

>Right, that's what we want to do, but having a single server type machine
>will basically have us "prepared". Plus, it would be nice to have a
>"registration" application running on the demo machines which could all
>connect to a "server"... Code Steven?

Good idea. I think the Intellistation would make an excellent server,
and we could set it up to keep track of all the people who get a demo.
Those stats would be nice to have onhand. =).

(Actually it would be really awsome to webify the presentation material
and make it so the demo-er can click through the presentation and
work with specific applications, ideas, etc. The added benefit is that
we can have them login at the start of the presentation for gathering
demographics info. =)

>The people who are shopping at best buy are using 200-400mhz machines. To
>make best buy happy, we have to market what they can provide as well.
>Having a lower end machine has the same advantages of having the higher
>end machine, meaning, having the lower end machine can be used to prove we
>can make your old PC's useful, while having the server machine can be used
>to prove we can support your company's server too. If we focus that you
>don't have to buy a new PC from best buy, just buy Linux, then we won't
>get as much cooperation from Best Buy next time.

That's fair. So, with this in mind, why don't we scrap anything that's not
in line with what's available at best buy? I'm not adverse to this
and we can use the Intellistation for the server. 


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