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Re: Linux Demo Day UPDATE

> Kara Pritchard said:
> > The Intellistation & netwinder (if it's functioning that day) are good for
> > geeks, but we need one machine of "server" capability to have on hand for
> > manager types, business types, and such.
> The Intellistation is easily that.

> > If we focus that you
> > don't have to buy a new PC from best buy, just buy Linux, then we won't
> > get as much cooperation from Best Buy next time.
> Hmm...  I think I'll stay out of this one.
I know.. you don't care and stuff.. But as Jason pointed out, we "are"
talking to new users, and we won't have as good of luck showing to new
users "no, don't listen to the hype, just use linux" as showing them how
it runs on what they're currently using, or wanting to buy. Essentially, I
want them to play with our 400mhz machines, and go to the doze section,
playing with their 400mhz machine, and be disappointed.

I just don't think we should focus on how good Linux runs on what people
ran last year, because that isn't what the Best Buy audience is looking
for. I mean, if they're coming into Best Buy, and looking at our
computers, chances are they're shopping for an upgrade or new machine,

Perhaps I'm overthinking this, but as I've sat in Best Buy the last few
times, talking with the people shopping there, and watching what people
are doing and stuff, that is the general attitude...

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