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Re: Linux Demo Day UPDATE

Kara Pritchard said:
> The Intellistation & netwinder (if it's functioning that day) are good for
> geeks, but we need one machine of "server" capability to have on hand for
> manager types, business types, and such.

The Intellistation is easily that.

> While our main focus *is* home
> use, having some "hard iron" such as a dual or an Alpha will feed our
> "corporate" friends. We don't need to "feature" it, or build around it,
> just have it available... a machine that runs faster than any single
> machine at best buy.

Unless Best Buy has started selling 600 MHz machines already, this
Intellistation (a 550 MHz Xeon) is easily faster than any system at
Best Buy.  (Not to mention that it has 10k RPM Ultra-Wide SCSI disks,
which nothing at Best Buy can even *begin* to compare to.)

Even if I get my 2 500 MHz PIIIs before then, I don't think my
machine, with its 5400 RPM SCSI disk, would be as fast for most things
as the Intellistation.

> If we focus that you
> don't have to buy a new PC from best buy, just buy Linux, then we won't
> get as much cooperation from Best Buy next time.

Hmm...  I think I'll stay out of this one.

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