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Re: Linux Demo Day UPDATE

On Wed, Sep 01, 1999 at 11:14:07PM -0500, Kara Pritchard wrote:
> > 
> > I can bring my system; it's nothing special except as a good thing to
> > hang cool stuff off of.  I can attach the keyboard, my Palm, and
> > Tami's digital camera, and perhaps work up some demo for them
> > (although we should be careful who gets to handle these).  I also have 
> > one of those digital displays that run off LCDproc.
> > 
> If you can get the case on it ;) I'd like us to have a pretty table :P
> besides, with all the kids running around at the store, we don't want any
> electricutions. Not to pick on Jeff, or anyone else who (like me & steven)
> run our machines without cases, this is really an eyecandy show. 

Yes, it has a case now.  I think that by the show, it'll even have all
the holes plugged (besides the ones that belong). :-)

> That
> means *fast* machines, and *lots* of ram. Showing how fast Linux is on an
> older machine isn't a bad idea though.. hmn...  I'd like
> to know who is offering to bring in what by this weekend, so we can pick
> the "cream of the crop". It's prejudice, I know ;) but we only have 2
> tables, and very little floor space. We'll be in the main aisle in front
> of the "featured software of the week" where everyone who walks in must
> pass. Therefore, we need to keep things neat, and don't leave easily
> stealable items in plain reach. Just keep that in mind ;) Probably better
> if each of us keeps track of just one small item, and not stick just one
> guy with having to keep track of all his stuff ;)

I can do things either way; if interested, I can bring my system, or
bring my toys and hook them to someone else's.  Here's my system:

P5 233MMX
Total of 10GB disk
Voodoo3 video (PCI, not AGP)
CD burner
Tape drive
Big tower case

And here are my toys:

LCD display (works with LCDproc)
Palm Pilot
Kodak DC-210 digital camera
Happy Hacking keyboard

My main thought for bringing the system was not so much to show off
the "low hardware configuration" as to give me the chance to get lots
of software demos working beforehand, so we could plug in, turn on,
and demo.

> > I also have WP and Applix, and could likely get StarOffice, KOffice,
> > and the GNOME office stuff going.  Perhaps a demo of "Netscape 5,
> > early alpha" (Mozilla M9) would be cool as well.
> > 
> Very cool

Side note: I just got Mozilla M9 working.  Boys and girls, if you've
been waiting for Mozilla to stabilize a bit before trying it out, your 
wait is over.  To give you an idea: I may never run Netscape 4.x
again.  Apart from speed issues caused by all the debugging macros,
this is a nice browser.  And, on Linux, it respects your GTK themes!

> > If anyone's interested, I could possibly have a Sparc IPC going by
> > then.
> > 
> Group might be interested, but I don't think this'll be appropriate for
> this particular show. Next LUG meeting perhaps?

Perhaps.  Just wondering about the interest.  It is pokey; it's
probably not much good for more than an X terminal.  But it's

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