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USR Modems: Guess what no jumpers &#@^%@@$ {RANT}

Guess what no jumpers &#@^%@@$

Has anyone else gotten a new USR 56K internal faxmodem?
The model I have is 5687 and it has no jumpers
the old model 5687 had jumpers according to the pictures 3com has on thier
and the one i currently have....
and the picture on the box....
Of couse I could probaly install it in a windoze box and configure it, but
why should I?
I suppose if i was installing it on a new board that had some sort of isa
plug and play it might help.
but if it had jumpers like god intended it wouldn't be a factor
3Com isn't any help either. They dont even have the product as i recieved
it on thier website
They aur very helpful on thier Linux support page in telling me how to
create a swap partition. :/
Let us also take notice of all the helpful information reminding you to
register your modem.
Hrmm, If i register it will my complaint be heard?

Good night, 


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