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Re: USR Modems: Guess what no jumpers &#@^%@@$ {RANT}

> Guess what no jumpers &#@^%@@$
> Has anyone else gotten a new USR 56K internal faxmodem?

Not I, but on an old 56K Motorola modem I had, you had to run pnpdump on
it to get its information, and then you had to use isapnp to configure it
every time you booted.

It soulds like your modem is ISA, but your motherboard doesn't have PNP;
is that right? If so, you should be able to use the two programs above.
See the man pages, or the HOWTOs (I don't think there's on specifically
for PNP, but you could grep -i "isapnp" in your "mini" HOWTO directory.

If I'm wrong, you could always go external!  :)


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