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Re: USR Modems: Guess what no jumpers &#@^%@@$ {RANT}

>It soulds like your modem is ISA, but your motherboard doesn't have PNP;
>is that right? If so, you should be able to use the two programs above.
>See the man pages, or the HOWTOs (I don't think there's on specifically
>for PNP, but you could grep -i "isapnp" in your "mini" HOWTO directory.

Yeah i figured that out after i was finished being pissed off. thanks to
Pyro http://skyscraper.fortunecity.com/switch/877/
he had a discussion of this modem model. seems i'm not the only one whos
been jacked.
When i first opened the box i thought they had slipped a winmodem on me.
there woulda been holy hell to pay for that.
the bad thing about not having the jumpers is i have to run setserial
before i run faxgetty in init.  oh well.

Are there any manufacturers out there that still have the guts to make
components that everyone can use and enjoy with out too much hassle?

>If I'm wrong, you could always go external!  :)
I have this weird phobia against external modems for some reason, it's like
giving up without a fight. or something equally insane. :)


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