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Re: USR Modems: Guess what no jumpers &#@^%@@$ {RANT}

Ch0k3r said:
> When i first opened the box i thought they had slipped a winmodem on me.
> there woulda been holy hell to pay for that.
> the bad thing about not having the jumpers is i have to run setserial
> before i run faxgetty in init.  oh well.

Hmm...  It really shouldn't behave any different than any other
internal modem once it is initialized.

> Are there any manufacturers out there that still have the guts to make
> components that everyone can use and enjoy with out too much hassle?

Believe it or not, ISA PnP is probably a Good Thing, even if it is a
royal pain.  Of course, it would be much better if ISA had just died
and we only had to deal with sane busses like PCI...

In any case, there's now ISA PnP support in the 2.3.x kernels as I
understand it, so later this year when 2.4 is released, all of these
headaches with ISA PnP should go away.

> I have this weird phobia against external modems for some reason, it's like
> giving up without a fight. or something equally insane. :)

I used to have a thing about external modems...  They don't include a
16550 UART like the internals (this was back when my system(s) had
16450s), and they cost more.  Of course now that's not really an

Oh, BTW, the cheap Atlas brand modems at Best Buy had jumpers last I

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