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LORAX Report

Well it's official.  I have no life.  After fighting my way into
metalab's ftp site I've downloaded and burned a copy of LORAX (RH
6.0.50).  I figured that I'd go ahead and give some details to the group
now that I've installed it.

Right off the bat the new Anaconda setup GUI is a good improvement.
It's based on the standard GNOME look and feel.  There are still some
bugs in the setup program, but it was definitely a smooth install.  Upon
booting LORAX for the first time I noticed one major addition to the
boot scripts.  The first thing was the automatic hardware detection.  It
popped up a configuration screen telling me exactly what sound card and
NIC I had asking if I wanted RH to set them up.   Then right before it
starts processing the automatic scripts it gives you a brief time to
choose interactive mode to determine what gets loaded.  It really looks
like RH is striving for the typical user to be able to use Linux easily.

Ben Story

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