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Re: USR Modems: Guess what no jumpers &#@^%@@$ {RANT}

>Ack, I'm the exact oposite :-)  The first 2 modems I owned were internals;
>14.4 Zoom (with RPI-- early-day Winmodem.  Ick.) and a 14.4 USR (after
>Zoom modem :) ).  My 3rd modem was an external USR 33.6.  *sigh* Love at
>sight and usage.
>Status lights, easily accessible phone ports, etc etc.

I tend to agree. When every storm that comes by takes out your modem, it
becomes a nightmare to reconfig and reinstall a new one when it is internal.
External however, makes it so easy that you dont even have to bend over to
install it and its ffiendly lights dance to let you know the world is level.
Even more fun than watching a bug zapper.  Well, my opionion anyway and easy
to delete if you disagree.. Snazzy.

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