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Re: LORAX Report

> I don't think having an OS that is easy to use necessarily implies an OS
> that is easy to install. 

Well, I suppose if Best Buy carried some boxes with Linux pre-loaded, and
if it displayed a graphical splash screen immediately upon startup, and
booted into a graphical user environment, then it might be viable as a
client for Joe Blow user. Assuming, of course, that M$ Office and
Photoshop were available on it... (ha).

I agree with what you said about users loading lots of random garbage-
back when "RAM Doubler" software was popular, they thought this would save
them the expense of adding hardware, too. Crap supporting crap!

I think, though, that there should be a sort of "Linux Lite" which is
designed specifically for use as an end-user client. This would ideally
have the ability to be switched off at any given moment without causing
damage. Barring that, the physical box should have a tiny back-up battery,
perhaps, that shuts down the OS properly, should the plug be pulled

The advantages WinX has are:

1) It often comes pre-loaded, eliminating the installation issue

2) You HAVE to have it, if you want to run a lot of software.

Mac had a no-bs graphical interface, but it kinda lacked in the software

Basically, my feeling is that since Linux is such a great server, why not
concentrate on that aspect, and THEN, (after Linux is thought of as an
"Ok" thing by most mission-critical IS departments), worry about client
issues. Otherwise, it's like these people who customize cheap cars. What's
the point?


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