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Re: LDD Update

I know we need the Mac. I want a Mac there *badly*. That leaves us with:

G3 Mac
VA's PIII/500
IBM Intellistation Xeon 550
466mhz Celeron Laptop

Jason/Steve: Do we need/want any others?

- Kara

Kara Pritchard                        	Phone: 217-698-1694
Red Hat Certified Engineer
Linux Users of Central Illinois		kara@luci.org
LUG Project Manager - Linux.com		kara@linux.com

On Fri, 10 Sep 1999, Cloudmaster wrote:

> On Thu, 9 Sep 1999, Kara Pritchard wrote:
> > Got my VA machine to demo.. VA"s supposed to send me a flatscreen for it
> > too.
> Neat-o...
> Anyway, just since I'm not "in the loop" - I'm figuring on showing up to
> help some way, should I be bringing either/both of my systems with me, and
> shoud I tell Ryan to bring his G3?  If so, is there anything particuar
> that'd be helpful to have pre-setup (like a restricted-rights demo user with
> a cool windowmaker config)?
> Later,
> Danny

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