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Ultra DMA woes

  I just got in my new work desktop machine and am having problems
installing RH6.0. This machine has 13gb IBM ultra DMA 66 disk hooked up to
a Promise Technologies ultra66 card. I've tried following the instructions
in the Ultra-DMA-miniHOWTO, and this seems to work to a point. At least
passing the addresses of the disk to the kernel makes the disk visible to
disk druid which can then do it's partition stuff. However I consistently
get a "signal 11" error when the installer gets on to the step of setting
up the swap space.

  I've looked around, but wasn't able to find a distribution that supports
this for installation. Am I missing something? Perhaps I should just not
use the card until there is support. The Promise Technolgies web site says
that there will be RedHat support Real Soon Now.


Erich Schroeder                    Phone: (217)785-0033
Curator, Information Technologies  FAX:   (217)785-2857
Illinois State Museum GIS Lab      Internet: erich@museum.state.il.us

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