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RE: LDD Update (final lineup)

Just to verify, you don't want the VA box?

On Tue, 14 Sep 1999, Burke, Jason wrote:

> Okay Everyone, here's the final lineup on hardware for the
> Linux Demo Day this Saturday (18th) at Best Buy.
> Steve and Kara: IBM Intellistation, Celeron 333 (Red Hat), and Kara's
> Laptop.
> Jason Burke: 333MHz P-II (Mandrake), 100MHz Pentium (OpenLinux 2.2)
> Cloudmaster: Dual Celeron 450's (SuSE 6.2)
> Erich: PowerMac (LinuxPPC)
> I would like for each machine to have Netscape, KDE/Gnome/WindowMaker, 
> sometype of productivity package (StarOffice5.1, KOffice, etc), and all the
> base packages for your window manager loaded and ready to go from a
> guest account.
> Well be using the Intellistation to simulate web and mail connections, and
> I'm not expecting to have connectivity at Best Buy. Also, each machine will
> need to have a network card installed and configured (I think I'm the only 
> one who doesn't have that right now =).
> As for who we are expecting on saturday, the following people have agreed 
> to help, and as Kara said if you're in LUCI we would really appreciate it if
> you
> can put in atleast an hour on Saturday. Here's that list:
> Jeff L.
> Sean C. (morning)
> Ron S.
> Danny (Cloudmaster)
> Tesla Coil (????)
> Please send me a notice at jburke@lrs.com if you're listed here and you're
> not going to make it, and also email me if you want to come and help out
> (Free T-Shirts to all our helpers =).
> That should cover it.
> Jason Burke
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- Kara

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