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RE: LDD Update (final lineup)

Okay Everyone, here's the final lineup on hardware for the
Linux Demo Day this Saturday (18th) at Best Buy.

Steve and Kara: IBM Intellistation, Celeron 333 (Red Hat), and Kara's

Jason Burke: 333MHz P-II (Mandrake), 100MHz Pentium (OpenLinux 2.2)

Cloudmaster: Dual Celeron 450's (SuSE 6.2)

Erich: PowerMac (LinuxPPC)

I would like for each machine to have Netscape, KDE/Gnome/WindowMaker, 
sometype of productivity package (StarOffice5.1, KOffice, etc), and all the
base packages for your window manager loaded and ready to go from a
guest account.

Well be using the Intellistation to simulate web and mail connections, and
I'm not expecting to have connectivity at Best Buy. Also, each machine will
need to have a network card installed and configured (I think I'm the only 
one who doesn't have that right now =).

As for who we are expecting on saturday, the following people have agreed 
to help, and as Kara said if you're in LUCI we would really appreciate it if
can put in atleast an hour on Saturday. Here's that list:

Jeff L.
Sean C. (morning)
Ron S.
Danny (Cloudmaster)
Tesla Coil (????)

Please send me a notice at jburke@lrs.com if you're listed here and you're
not going to make it, and also email me if you want to come and help out
(Free T-Shirts to all our helpers =).

That should cover it.

Jason Burke

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