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Re: x emulator for win machines

There's a free X-server called MiX.  It uses a ported version of twm as the
window manager, although if you wanna spend a lot of time with it you can
get others to work.  I've got some example configs and stuff in addition to
an older version (I think it's been updated) somewhere.  I'll try to find
them later so you can have the older free version, since after finding the
page I see that it's $25 now after 15 days.  It looks like it's got a nicer
install now though.

Anyway, I've had good luck with the old version.  The new version's at 
I've got the old (free) verion with some config files 'n stuff (I think) up
It's 3.5 MB over my dialup link - so plan to get it while you eat or
something, although I'm only getitng 3.3K/sec from micrographics over
parkland's link now - so it may not make much difference...


charles@lunarmedia.net wrote:
> anyone know of a good x emulator for windows based machines?
> i could be misphrasing this, but i am looking for something that would
> allow me to pop an x session from my win95 machine.
> i am trying to find a decent way to replace nai distributed sniffers with
> linux boxes running ethereal.
> any experience/suggestions on this?

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