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Re: syslogd

charles@lunarmedia.net said:
> Is syslogd used soley to allow other servers to write to the local
> machine's syslog? I mean, if i were to disable syslogd on the localhost's
> startup so it is no longer listening on udp/514, would it still be able to
> log to /var/log/*

No, it is what local programs log through.

By default syslogd doesn't even accept connections from the network
any more.  You have to start it with the -r option to get that
functionality.  From the man page:

       -r     This option will enable  the  facility  to  receive
              message  from  the network using an internet domain
              socket with the syslog service  (see  services(5)).
              The default is to not receive any messages from the

              This option is introduced in  version  1.3  of  the
              sysklogd  package.  Please  note  that  the default
              behavior is the  opposite  of  how  older  versions
              behave, so you might have to turn this on.

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