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[Humor] New MS Keyboard

Hehe, I nearly shot OJ through my nose when a friend on IRC sent me this
image this morning...

Enjoy :)


(For those without the ability get and view pics, 'spoiler' below.  It's just
so funny when you don't know what it is ahead of time.)

Damacus		| damacus@bastion.cnsnet.net ** damacus@statiknet.org
New as of 6/14	| PGP: http://bastion.cnsnet.net/~damacus/damacus-key.asc
		| Administrator, Cimarron Network Services, Inc.
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nick: damacus	| #dc-stuff	http://www.attrition.org/ (hosted/dc-stuff)
   Trust the computer industry to shorten "Year 2000" to Y2K.  It was
   this kind of thinking that caused the problem in the first place.

---------------- Image Spoiler --------------------

Basically, the image has a very small keyboard, if even classifyable as that.
It has 3 buttons, lined up in a row...  Control, Alt and Delete ;)

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