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Re: SUSE and WP8

Walt Black wrote:
> I finally got my SUSE 6.1 working thanks to Erich, Steve, and Danny.  I can
> now use X and KDE.  As a complete beginner with LINUX I  have a tremendous
> amount to learn.

It's definately worth the initial hassle, however. :)

> I have a question for the SUSE users :  Where is Word Perfect 8 in the five
> disks or on the computer ?  Where is Star Office?  Are these run from KDE?
> I don't see the answers to these questions in th "How Tos".

I can't find wordperfect, but I don't have my 6.1 CD's here.  The
packagename is wordperf, however, and you can use the "Package information"
utility (under the choose/install packages selection in YaST) to search for
it.  If you look at the package information, it'll tell you which CD it's
on.  It'll install in /usr/lib/woprdperfect, IIRC.  If you can't find it,
the rpm's available on corel's site (linux.corel.com, I think).

Star Office is named "so_en" and is in package "pay".  In 6.2 it's on disk
4, but is likely elsewhere on 6.1.  Not to imply that the disk number is
important, however, since YaST will ask you to insert the disk(s) that
contain whatever packages you select for installation, and it doesn't
matter which CD is in the drive when you start YaST up 'cause they all have
the whole list of packages on them.

> I don't mind experimenting but my wife would be more impressed with LINUX if
> she could use it for Word Processing.

Have you got applixware on there?  I think in SuSE 6.1 (the one you're
using?) there's a demo version in the "pay" set.  In 6.2 it's in the "aplx"
section.  IMHO, it's the nicest one to use.  The full no-expire version is
avaiable from local bookstores, I think, and maybe Best Buy?  I don't know
- I just use vim and do everythng that needs formatting in HTML or with
Mathematica. :)


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