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Re: CD burned under Windoze

On Mon, 1 Nov 1999, Tim Grossner wrote:
> Anyone know how i can get the full filenames of the files that are on a
> burned cd to show up when mounted under linux? Currently it looks like
> this:
> asandir:/SYSTEM/incoming# ls /home/changer/disk1
> celine~1/      dave_m~1/      enigma/        michae~1/      nil~1.8/       skins/
> collec~1/      eels/          jamesh~1/      morphine/      ostenard.ddf*  soulco~1/
> Yet, under Windows it has the full filenames...

Prolly uses Joliet extensions - see if you have a joliet module (is that
module-able?) or build a new kernel with Joliet extensions support.

Or, build a windows machine, enable smb file sharing, install samba on the
linux box, share the CD from windows, mount under linux... :)

Check for a trans.tbl file in each directory that provides truncated->full
name mappings too.  You might be able to copy everything over to a drive and
use some scripty magic to go through and rename the titles...

I know, those all suck.  Maybe someone else knows fo an easier way to do it,
but I don't (immediately).

--Danny, who usually builds in joliet support

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