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Re: Installing Red Hat 6.1

 I haven't tried to disable the ethernet adapter yet. Something else that
may (or may not) be of interest to you here is that everything on this
machine is SCSI -- hard drives, CD-ROM, and tape drive. Does that make any
difference here that you're aware of?

Adam Van Pelt

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On Sun, 31 Oct 1999, cloudmaster wrote:

> Adam Van Pelt wrote:
> > 
> >  I am having some problems installing Red Hat 6.1. Here's the info on the
> > box I am trying to install to:
> > 
> >  - Dual procs., dual hard drives, CD-ROM, tape drive, three network cards
> > (one on the motherboard, and two additional PCI cards).
> Wow, that's almost as cool as my personal machine... ;)
> >  Here's what's happening --
> > 
> >  I get through the installation of packages to the point where I need to
> > remove all bootable media and click Exit. I do that, and when the system
> > reboots, I receive the dreaded "Missing Operating System" error.
> > 
> >  I have done both the Server install, and the Custom install. The three or
> > four times I have done the custom install, I have chosen to write Lilo to
> > both the master boot record and to the first sector on the first hard
> > drive (those are the only two options I have). Either way, I get the same
> > results -- missing OS.
> > 
> >  Now, when I create a boot disk and insert that for the machine to boot
> > off of, the machine boots and goes through all of the diagnostics just
> > fine. That is, until it gets to the point where it starts wanting to
> > detect the network cards. It brings up "lo" fine (which is loopback,
> > correct?) But then when it tries to bring up eth0, it stops dead in its
> > tracks, and does not go any further in the boot-up process.
> Is there a way to disable the on-board ethernet adaptor?  You might
> consider that, and you may also look into taking everything except the
> video card out and watching it boot...
> As an aside, did you create a small partition on your first drive to hold
> the kernel itself?  It's possible that you're hitting that "PC hardware
> sucks arse, so the kernel has to be in the first 1024 sectors or somethign
> like that" error...  Perhaps look into creating a /boot to hold kernels,
> and make it sit somewhere in the front of the disk, preferably real close
> to the start.
> I'll refrain from my "what are you using that redhat crap for anyway"
> comments, 'cause my friends SuSE and slack both suck in their own,
> "special" ways, and lumpy linux (my distrib) isn't gonna work for you
> unless you're willing to wait until I get it done *and* you're gonna use
> that wild box exclusively as an mp3 player/icecast server. :)
> --Danny, who should really get some more work done on lumpy someday - and
> set his clock back...
> --
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