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Re: Installing Red Hat 6.1

On Mon, 1 Nov 1999, Adam Van Pelt wrote:
>  I haven't tried to disable the ethernet adapter yet. Something else that
> may (or may not) be of interest to you here is that everything on this
> machine is SCSI -- hard drives, CD-ROM, and tape drive. Does that make any
> difference here that you're aware of?

Has the machine ever succesfully booted off of the SCSI drive?  Are you sure
you've got the right drive selected as the boot device, and that the
controller is bootable?  You also have to have suport for that scsi card and
scsi hard drives built into the kernel (once I built support for my scsi HD
as a module and set /dev/sda1 as the boot device - good thing I had another
kernel around that didn't have that little error...), but that's probably
not your problem. :)

--Danny, who should have better things to do than watching a mailing list ;)

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