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"The problem is with pppd."

Just received the following message.  I've only encountered
this rarely enough to be a transitory problem with my ISP.
Anybody got an idea what might be up in this guy's case?

> Hi, I was writing on the hope that you could help me
> with Linux & a Newcom 56kIFXSP modem.
> The problem is with pppd:
> I use kppp to dial my ISP. The connection seems to be
> established and it displays its speed and the protocols
> in the debug window. And there's a sign: starting pppd...
> It lasts for 10-30 seconds, the modem sends something

I expect he's seeing a SIGHUP...

> and then it terminates the connection. Could you possibly
> tell me what to do?
>Thank you...<I've been at this for days now>

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