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NFS problems

Yesterday I started having a problem with NFS-mounted directories accessed
by pine or IMAP.  All mail folders (except the user's inbox) are stored in
~/Mail.  On a machine with NFS-mounted /home, when a user starts pine and
lists folders, teh UID and GID of ~/Mail is changed to 65535.65535.  This is
no good, because the permissions are 600, and thus the user can't read
his/her mail folders.  IMAP does the same thing.  Exiting pine leaves teh
permissions that way for a few moments, then they revert back to teh way
they should be.  At the same time, all other machines see the IDs correctly
teh whole time, unless they start up a pine too.  The machine that holds the
dirs locally does no such translation and thus works fine.

I assume this is a problem related to file-locking and ugidd, but I've
restarted the NFS server program (and the machine), and I've
unmounted/remounted all NFS directories on all the client machines (some of
which have been rebooted, some of which haven't).

Does anyone have any idea how to fix this without going to a different
file-system distribution model? :)


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