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RE: SQL Reviews.

I'm assuming that you're talking about database engines and not
different variations of SQL itself. Here's my take on the most 
popular client/server ones:

MySQL - Great little engine. Small, quick, easy to install, and
it uses a very sleek and simple interface to the database. The
docs on this database are very well done also which makes 
learning MySQL a pleasure.

mSQL - I haven't worked with this, but I was under the impression
that it was from the same code branch (or closely related) as 
MySQL. In any event, O'Reilly has a book which covers both MySQL
and mSQL, so you could probably figure out the differences pretty 

PostgreSQL - This one conforms to SQL standard closer than 
MySQL, but I didn't feel that the documentation was as good. 
The biggest complaint that I hear about PostgreSQL is usually
performance based, but if you have need for complicated SQL
calls (subselects, cascade deletes, transaction support, etc)
then this is your guy.

BD2 - IBM's commercial database. From what I hear it has a bunch
of possible settings, but the downside is that you need to become
familiar with every little detail of the engine before you can really take
advantage of it's power. From what I've been told this is probably
the most advanced database engine available today.

Oracle - Probably the most popular commercial database engine. 
Oracle is a step up from PostgreSQL as far as production databases
go, and it supports everything that PostgreSQL does, but it doesn't
suffer from performance issues. If you have a large production 
environment then this is probably one of the best solutions for you.

Just my 2 pennies,


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> Which Linux SQL implementation(s) are preferred,
> and for what reasons?
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