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Next LUCI Meeting

Greetings All,

Well, we had some great discussion last month about how 
we can improve the organization of our meetings, and I wanted
to start up the thread again for a moment to see if we can
attempt some of the list suggestions for the upcomming meeting.

First off, both Kara and Jeff want to see more involvement from 
the people at the user group meeting. At the time I didn't agree
that this was the whole solution, and I still don't think this is 
going to solve all of our problems. However, I am willing to 
compromise on my position for the time being (especially since
Steve doesn't seem willing to discuss the issue), and join Jeff 
in the offer to give a 1 hour tutorial at the next meeting. 

So, there it is, I'm making the offer to participate by doing a 1 hour
tutorial on begining database management under Linux (or if there's
more interest I can do a presentation on the ups and downs of
Debian in a Box). Steve or Kara let me know if you want me to do
this for the next meeting right away, so I can get started on putting
it together.


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