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Re: Interest in SIG?

>I've been thinking about that some more... And I don't think 'intro to
>samba' would be a good thing for newbie night. Newbie night has to be
>dedicated to Linux Newbies. Not Administrator newbies. Key topics, after
>Newbie Night is established could do something with samba, but using samba
>just isn't a newbie topic. We have a great percentage of people who can't
>even get linux installed. Those are the people we need to gear newbie
>night for. Samba intro would be better for a real LUG meeting... Keep in
>mind, I'm keeping this to 'newbie night' a place where no question is too
>silly, and we don't stop until everyone understands fully...

I Agree.. I've been using Linux for almost a year, and am barely out of the
shiny newbie state myself. This is because I only have time to use the
commands I know.. It would be great if I knew more commands and especially
the ones that aid in troubleshooting and diagnostics.. I would like to see a
list of often used commands and a brief scentence telling what they are..
That and a quick one page FAQ of install troubleshooting could be handed out
to each newbie joining the group somewhere after the beginning..
COME ON GUYS!! I hear you ALL talking about using commands used routinely
that I have NO IDEA what they are or do... Pony up some info.

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