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RE: Interest in SIG?

Sophistication and AOL in the same sentence? I never though I would
see that ;). 

One goal of mine with Newbie Night would be to create some general
purpose presentation material which could double as my Linux Mentors
training material =). I've been working more on Linux Mentors lately, and
I'm trying to get some grant purposals together so I can get that off the
ground =). In any event, I don't think that Perl Mongers will be too
by this since it's a pretty small specialized group to start with. The only
thing is that Kara, you and I wont always be there which shouldn't hinder
it that much.


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> On Mon, Nov 15, 1999 at 03:05:30PM -0600, Burke, Jason wrote:
> > 
> > I think this is a great idea! I would be more than willing to help out
> > by giving presentations at the Newbie Night. I'm all for it.
> <AOL/> :-)  (Look!  It's a sophisticated AOL response!  It's in XML! :-)
> I would also be available for presentations on Newbie Night.  Since
> I've had experience with Samba, I could start our inaugural NN with
> a discussion and demo of that for Cameron's sake, unless anyone else
> has other ideas.  Perhaps Jason, Kara, and I (and whoever else) could
> tag-team the speaker's role.
> I would be concerned about its impact on PM.  A "Newbie Night" could
> draw too much talent out of PM.  If played carefully, however, it could
> also strengthen PM by getting the word out about the group's existence,
> and how great a language Perl is.  Any thoughts?
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