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Re: Interest in SIG?

On Mon, Nov 15, 1999 at 04:26:12PM -0600, Kara Pritchard wrote:

> I've been thinking about that some more... And I don't think 'intro to
> samba' would be a good thing for newbie night. Newbie night has to be
> dedicated to Linux Newbies. Not Administrator newbies. Key topics, after
> Newbie Night is established could do something with samba, but using samba
> just isn't a newbie topic. We have a great percentage of people who can't
> even get linux installed. Those are the people we need to gear newbie
> night for. Samba intro would be better for a real LUG meeting... Keep in
> mind, I'm keeping this to 'newbie night' a place where no question is too
> silly, and we don't stop until everyone understands fully...

Well, certainly I wasn't planning any discussions of implementing domain
support into Samba, or the joys of opportunistic locking.  My thought was
more along the lines of "hey, Linux people, did you know you can get to
your home directory from Windows?  And even your Linux printers from
Windows?  Just type 'apt-get install samba' or 'rpm -ivh samba.rpm',
and you're all set!"

Given this, I can see that installation might be a more important hurdle
to cross.  I bow to your wisdom. :-)

I'm not necessarily withdrawing my offer to speak, though.  If it's
thought best, I'm sure I can go through a Caldera install, or discuss
the virtues of GNOME, or whatever.  Or not.

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