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Re: Interest in SIG?

Kara Pritchard wrote:
> I've been thinking about that some more... And I don't think 'intro to
> samba' would be a good thing for newbie night. Newbie night has to be
> dedicated to Linux Newbies. Not Administrator newbies. Key topics, after
> Newbie Night is established could do something with samba, but using samba
> just isn't a newbie topic.

Half-assing samba onto "the spare machine so we can ship files back and
forth between the main windows machine and the 486/pentium we stuck linux
on to try out" might be kinda newbie-ish, however. :)

Samba's got all kinds of levels of sophistication that can be dug into when
ready, but it also is sane enough to run out-of-the-box pretty easily
without digging if you don't want to.  That was one of the first few things
I did when I started running linux (after setting up apache and an ftp
server to play with).  Then again, I'm freakish that way...

Setting up webmin[1] might be a decent topic, since it kicks arse and makes
adminning a new linux box a *lot* easier (how else would I have snuck a
linux box into Parkland's novell/NT farm-of-evil?).

On a "me too" note, I'm gonna agree with Erich's list of stuff to go over. 
In addition, I'm gonna suggest that someone write down some highlights or
whatever and stick up an informative page to go with the evening's topic(s)
for the web site because 1) people's memory sucks and so does the prospect
of taking notes (or maybe I've been in school too damned long) and 2)
there's no content on the luci site - this would be a neat way to get
something useful up there. ;)  I would be willling to contribute some
HTML'ing time if that helps - since I can't really drive to Spfld every
week or so...


[1] http://www.webmin.com/webmin/ or

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