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Re: Possible Outline

Kara Pritchard wrote:
> Dec 99- First meeting.
>         Topic: Installing Red Hat Linux on Your system.
> Yes, there's an awful lot we can cover on newbie night. But I really just
> want to focus on new users. Probably every other meeting we'll do a full
> install, probably hands on on someone's system who's having troubles.

As non-redhat user, I'd like to ask if the installs have to be distrib
specific?  I mean, it might be nice to go through the install process for a
few different distribs the first few meetings, to show users teh differnces
in install procedures and the like, and to not get them hooked on having
evil configuration scripts that only redhat uses (rather than the different
evil config scripts SuSE and gnu/debian and everything else not slackware

I know the group's redhat-slanted, and I intend to look into Kara's book
with the Borders gift certificate saturn's hopefully gonna give me after
the test-drive (http://www.getacluegame.com/form.html) - but variety and
inexpensiveness is what attracts a lot of new users to linux, and using the
most expensive distrib and only that distrib might not be for the best.

I'll crawl back under my rock now. :)

--Danny, playing with rinetd

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