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Re: Interest in SIG?

On Mon, Nov 15, 1999 at 03:05:30PM -0600, Burke, Jason wrote:
> I think this is a great idea! I would be more than willing to help out
> by giving presentations at the Newbie Night. I'm all for it.

<AOL/> :-)  (Look!  It's a sophisticated AOL response!  It's in XML! :-)

I would also be available for presentations on Newbie Night.  Since
I've had experience with Samba, I could start our inaugural NN with
a discussion and demo of that for Cameron's sake, unless anyone else
has other ideas.  Perhaps Jason, Kara, and I (and whoever else) could
tag-team the speaker's role.

I would be concerned about its impact on PM.  A "Newbie Night" could
draw too much talent out of PM.  If played carefully, however, it could
also strengthen PM by getting the word out about the group's existence,
and how great a language Perl is.  Any thoughts?

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