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Newbie Night

Hi everyone, Cameron here.

As a new LUGger, I must reply to what Kara has proposed.  It seems to me
that this is a great idea.  I am not much more than a novice in my Red Hat
studies, but I want to learn as much as I can, especially since my work ( I
work for Erich, folks) uses Linux.  It is great not to have to touch NT
servers.  I thank God everyday for that.  However, I have no time to learn
anything at work, since I am pretty busy as it is.  Then I go home, and the
wife and dog take up most of the rest of my time.

I would welcome a Newbie Night, because I like to learn things in a kind of
pressure cooker anyway.  I agree with Erich, no more nights in the month,
but why not do a dual-night thing with the Mongers?  Would work for me.  It
seems that the Perl people are also the Linux people.  We could have dual
presentations going on, and have people bouncing back and forth.  

I am also for moving the meeting to Brian Bisbee's area.  It is being split
now as we speak, and should be ready for use soon.  That way, we would not
have to tromp back to the Big Echoey Room all of the time, just jump in up
front and go.  There will already be PCs there.  

What I Would Like To See

I would like to see in the near future a demo of Samba.  I would like to
bring in a PC, and have someone help me out as I loaded it, and then
configured it.  Experience is the best teacher, and it is even better when
you have a bunch of people that know their stuff around there to help you.

Thanks everyone.

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