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Re: Interest in SIG?

> I think that trying to meet the same night but in a separate room is a bad
> idea. Even though many of the topics that would be discussed in the 'Old
> Timers Group' may be outside the scope and experience for new users, They
> may very well still want to hear the information. You never know what you
> may learn (and that last statement goes for the "experts" sitting in on a
> newbie session).

You're confused. We're talking about meeting the same night as the PERL

> I also would think that (and this is selfish on my part ;) ) a different
> day/Time would be good as well. Then some of those who can't meet on a week
> night because of work concerns may be able to attend.
Granted, this is unfortunate, as you have to travel. I can understand
that, as Steven has to drive to Peoria EVERY DAY. However, many of us
are forced to work weekends too, and many of the rest have families to
dedicate their weekends too. Plus, we have no place to meet on weekends.

> Next, as a kick off to newbie night, what about another install fest?
That's a good question.

> Lastly, would the newbie group ?*HAVE*? to meet every month? what about
> every other month? that would keep the work load down for our kind
> instructors/mentors and wouldn't burn every one else out by meeting every 2
> weeks or so.
Yeah, actually I do think they need to meet every month. In fact, there's
enough regular material that we could meet MORE than once a month, so that
topics can recur on a quicker schedule. I'm looking forward to having a
group I can better work with, and I'm fairly sure the burnout won't be a
problem for me ;) As for the people we pull in from the PERL group,
Steven, Jeff, Jason, etc, they will be planned in advance, and spaced out,
therefore I don't see a burnout happening for them either, unlike LUCI or
the PERL group... They're the 'experts' who need to work with those
groups, and hopefully with a better outline of who can talk about what,
and when, they'll begin a better rotation there too.

> As far as a room to meet in, if the newbie group is small enough, does it
> HAVE to meet at the regular place? What about in some ones home? (Nice of me
> to volunteer some one else's home like that , isn't it?! :))
We can't have people lugging in machines into peoples homes. And actually,
I think a large percentage of our current group would come to the newbie
group, and it will grow quickly... helping LUCI and even the Perl Mongers
to grow.

I will reiterate, this plan could just be temporary, as we can move into
whatever direction is most natural to take. If we need to host another
evening from the Perl mongers, we'll find somewhere else to go. 

- Kara

Kara Pritchard                        	Phone: 217-698-1694
Red Hat Certified Engineer
Linux Users of Central Illinois		kara@luci.org
LUG Project Manager - Linux.com		kara@linux.com

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