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Re: Interest in SIG?

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From: Kara Pritchard <kara@linux.com>
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Date: Monday, November 15, 1999 12:59 PM
Subject: Interest in SIG?

>After dousing a few fires (and igniting a few more) I've decided to
>propose an idea to the group...

With all of the responses to this I think every one knows the original post
by now, so I wont use up space repeating it.... ;)

Here's my 2 cents worth....

I would love to see a newbie night. Even though I have been playing around
the edges with Linux for a couple years now, I am still just a newbie

I think that trying to meet the same night but in a separate room is a bad
idea. Even though many of the topics that would be discussed in the 'Old
Timers Group' may be outside the scope and experience for new users, They
may very well still want to hear the information. You never know what you
may learn (and that last statement goes for the "experts" sitting in on a
newbie session).

I also would think that (and this is selfish on my part ;) ) a different
day/Time would be good as well. Then some of those who can't meet on a week
night because of work concerns may be able to attend.

Next, as a kick off to newbie night, what about another install fest?

I know asking folks to commit to several nights per month to meeting like
this is something of a putout for those with families so maybe the work load
can be shared between several different folks who know Linux enough to
answer most questions. And who knows, if EVERY one has to search for the
answer to a hard question together (including the teacher) the newbies learn
how to solve their own problems as well (er.. learn where all of the good
stuff is hidden )

Lastly, would the newbie group ?*HAVE*? to meet every month? what about
every other month? that would keep the work load down for our kind
instructors/mentors and wouldn't burn every one else out by meeting every 2
weeks or so.

Well, that was more than 2 cents worth, bonus night I guess....... :)

I would love to get the chance to start meeting with you folks (I'm in Pekin
by the way) so toss it around a bit..... My vote is Sat or Sun.

As far as a room to meet in, if the newbie group is small enough, does it
HAVE to meet at the regular place? What about in some ones home? (Nice of me
to volunteer some one else's home like that , isn't it?! :))

If you wanted to travel to Pekin, as soon as I finish moving (Mid December)
I would host such a meeting every couple months.......

Thanks again.... Roy Cottingham

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