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Re: Interest in SIG?

On Mon, 15 Nov 1999, Jeff Licquia wrote:

> On Mon, Nov 15, 1999 at 03:05:30PM -0600, Burke, Jason wrote:
> I would also be available for presentations on Newbie Night.  Since
> I've had experience with Samba, I could start our inaugural NN with
> a discussion and demo of that for Cameron's sake, unless anyone else
> has other ideas.  Perhaps Jason, Kara, and I (and whoever else) could
> tag-team the speaker's role.

In a way, samba belongs in a non-newbie meeting, perhaps? Or at least
there are multiple levels of the samba<==>microsoft interaction. We've
been using it here for a couple of years and the success rate fluctuates
as we do MS-OS upgrades. Of course, the same can be said for the
microsoft<==>microsoft interactions.

I would expect that the usual "Newbie" is not so interested in networking,
but rather in stand-alone applications, with the exception of connecting
to an ISP.

I might categorize topics into:

    Hardware (what should I buy)
    Distributions (Which of the ones at Best Buy?)
    Partitions (how much room)
    Hardware (what should I know about my machine)
    Hardware (sound and multimedia)

Now What? (after installation)
    What can I run
    How do I connect to my ISP (always seems to be a big question, 
          and is often quite specific)
    Linux commands (the "command of the month" idea from a while

    OS (what happens when the next version of the distro comes out)
    Hardware (I just added a new widget, how do I get Linux to find it)

I imagine that I'm missing much, but it will be a challenge to identify
which is beginning and which is more advanced.

> I would be concerned about its impact on PM.  A "Newbie Night" could
> draw too much talent out of PM.  If played carefully, however, it could
> also strengthen PM by getting the word out about the group's existence,
> and how great a language Perl is.  Any thoughts?

I agree, it could be good for PM.

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