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Interest in SIG?

After dousing a few fires (and igniting a few more) I've decided to
propose an idea to the group...

Obviously, with the growth of Linux use, and the increasing range of types
of Linux Users, LUG meetings are ever becoming more overwhelming, and
harder to manage and maintain. [or should I say contain?] ;) This is
because there are more topics and more users than there are
meetings and minutes of the day.

Our group in Carbondale used to meeting twice a month, which is difficult
on group leaders, who were expected to come up with everything to say for
meetings every other week. So, I don't think meeting more often for the
LUG would be a good idea. BUT, I would be interested in putting together a
LUG Special Interest Group, say, Newbie Night.

With topics much more 'down to earth' [sorry steven], and opportunities
for new linux users to possibly even bring in their troubled systems, the
Newbie SIG would be much more adapt to providing what's needed to our new
Linux Users without boring them, or overwhelming them with too much
information, thus discouraging them from using Linux.

"Newbie Night" wouldn't split our current group, only enhance what it
offers. All the spiffy free stuff will still only be available at LUG
meetings, and general LUG events will still be handled by LUCI meetings
too. However, providing "Newbie Night" perhaps will help catch up our new
members to not feel too out of place, while letting our more advanced
members continue to participate.

So, what do we need to do? Well, I'd like to know who's interested in
coming, and if there are specific topics you'd like to hear! (woo-hoo!
topics even *I* can handle!) We'll also need to make meeting arrangements.
I'm not going to assume that Erich is going to give up yet another
evening! However, I'd just about bet money that Newbie Night attendees
wouldn't conflict with the Springfield Perl Mongers attendees! So maybe
there's another room we could use Erich on the PM nights?

- Kara

Kara Pritchard                        	Phone: 217-698-1694
Red Hat Certified Engineer
Linux Users of Central Illinois		kara@luci.org
LUG Project Manager - Linux.com		kara@linux.com

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