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Re: Interest in SIG?

> So...two Linux nights per month, one for "Newbie Night" and t'other for
> the standard LUCI type meeting?

> I think that there would have to be some method for scheduling if folks
> are going to bring in systems. It would be dissapointing for someone to
> lug in a desktop only to find that 10 others also did so that there wasn't
> enough time. 
> Still, this would be a good service (probably).
Agreed. I would request advance notice.

> The "big echoey room" is being split into two rooms, so the two meetings
> could be concurrent in these two rooms right off of the RCC entrance.
> Having meetings in the nice room back in the building is more difficult as
> we don't like to have that hallway door unlocked. There is another small
> conference room off of the entrance that only a select few of the PM
> people have seen. Normally this is not used for public meetings, but I can
> look into it.
I think the echoey room would be fine for me.. Although, projectors and
such are a must to effectively present newbie material. Will this

> The potential conflict between PM and NN (Newbie Night) is that some of
> the "guru-like" people for NN might be the "newbies" in PM. Still, you are
> right in assuming that I might not give up another night. What with cub
> scouts, dog training classes, and soccer, the three Schroeders are
> surprisingly busy. So combining nights is a good option for me.
Hence my vote for the dual-night. I can't displace you more than you
already are ;) If it becomes a conflict for NNers to PMers, then we will
have to find an alternate host (or something). That or have the meeting at
complementary hours, NN at 6, PM at 7 or NN at 7 PM at 8, something like

Looking forward to hearing interest from some of the new LUGgers...

- Kara

Kara Pritchard                        	Phone: 217-698-1694
Red Hat Certified Engineer
Linux Users of Central Illinois		kara@luci.org
LUG Project Manager - Linux.com		kara@linux.com

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