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RE: upcoming meeting schedule

I'll be there. And to those of you who can't make it have a 
happy Thanksgiving.


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> Subject:	upcoming meeting schedule
> OK, so it looks like at least a few people still want to have the
> meeting on Tuesday.  (I was a little worried that nobody would show
> up, considering the close proximity to Thanksgiving and all.)  I think
> I'm going to have to skip the meeting though...  I have to catch a
> flight in St. Louis at 6:30 the next morning.  :-/
> So anyway, since it looks like all of our Debian people will be at the
> meeting, why don't you guys just do some hardcore Debian advocacy
> while I'm not there to argue?  ;-)  (With the Corel Linux stuff out
> now, that should put an interesting spin on it...)
> I want to devote December's meeting to multimedia.  Start thinking
> about what would be appropriate for that topic.  I want as much
> participation as possible from everybody.  Anything from games and
> "gaming" hardware to MP3 players would be appropriate.
> I don't know what we're going to do for January's meeting yet, but
> we're going to have a special guest for February's meeting.  Eric Sink
> from Sourcegear will be visiting us.  Sourcegear is responsible for
> the development for Abiword (which I'm *really* starting to like -
> http://www.abisource.com/), as well as the continued maintenance and
> development of CVS now that they've acquired Cyclic.
> If all goes well, I'm going to update the web site in the next couple
> of days.  One of the new things will be a calendar, so that you'll be
> able to check on future meetings to see what is planned.  (And I am
> going to try to make sure we have things planned out a little bit into
> the future...  :-)
> Sound cool?
> Steve
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