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Re: Gaphix card for Linux/X

> Really, anything good is good (helpful, huh?). I got a good price on last
> years voodoo banshee, and there is a downloadable driver from the 3dfx
> site. Right now I have a recent  NVidia tnt2 with 32 mb. I haven't tried
> anything that pushes it yet, but it makes purty windows. I also recently
> loaded SUSE on a box with a ATI rage128. I had problems until I downloaded
> the most recent drivers.
The voodoo banshee is a b!tch to get running right, even with the last
driver release from glide or 3dfx. It doesn't refresh right from sleep
mode, etc. Although, the standalone cards might handle this better than
the crap they try to integrate on the motherboard. (e.g. My work Gateway
machine has a Voodoo Banshee integrated on the motherboard).

The ATI Rage Pro is found on my laptop, and it works ok. The Mach 128
chipset cards have incredible support with the last XFree 3.3.5 release.
Whatever you get, be sure to download the latest version of XFree, as it's
changed quite a bit from the previously packaged versions.

- Kara

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