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RE: Best graphics card for X

*chuckle* I should have known that I was gonna hear my name
in this conversation sooner or later. Okay, okay! I, Jason Burke,
being of sound mind and body have accepted 3dfx as an upright
and contributing member of open source software community.
Perhaps I'll buy one of thier cards now. =)


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> Tesla Coil said:
> On 23 Nov 1999, Cloudmaster replied to Tim Grossner:
> > > but am considering getting a TNT2 or Voodoo3 in its place -
> The Voodoo3 3000 is a nice card.  It's pretty cheap, but it is getting
> a little bit dated...
> BTW, the XFree 4 drivers for the Voodoo3 are now available from
> www.3dfxgamers.com.  Of course, they're against the 3.9.16 snapshot,
> and they're far from perfect, but it is kinda cool to have Quake 3
> Arena running in a window fully hardware accelerated.  :-)  Oh, and
> there's source to *everything*, including Glide, which is now under a
> LGPL-ish license.  (Pay attention, Jason.  ;)
> (Next I have to try putting in this Voodoo3 2000 PCI card so I can try
> the multihead support...  ;-)
> > > although I'm leaning toward the TNT2.  Or maybe I'll wait
> > > until the Voodoo 5 architecture is maxed with 32 processors
> > > and 2 GB of RAM on a board... :)
> If I were about to buy a new card, I'd *definitely* wait for the
> Voodoo5s to ship, if at all possible.  Precision Insight is working on
> drivers, so you should be able to use the card in Linux when the card
> ships or just after.  If you can't wait, get a Voodoo3 3000.  They're
> only $100 (give or take a buck, plus shipping), and they work great.
> (Or get the cheapest AGP card you can find and save up your money for
> when the Voodoo5s come out.)
> > How many chipsets remain after the mergers that opened the
> > year--3Dfx buying STB, S3 buying Diamond?  I didn't much
> > keep up with the graphics market news...
> STB and Diamond never made their own chipsets, as far as I know.  STB
> just happened to be shipping boards with 3dfx chips, and Diamond just
> happened to ship mostly boards with S3 chips.  (The Diamond cards I
> have are all S3-based, except for the Monster 3D, which was a Voodoo
> Graphics board.)
> Steve
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