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Re: Best graphics card for X

John Corey wrote:
> Tesla Coil wrote:
> > On 23 Nov 1999, Cloudmaster replied to Tim Grossner:
> > >> So, uhhh is anyone gonna answer on the Video card question?
> > >> <sound of crickets in background>
> > >
> > > I'm reasonably pleaxed with my TNT card (Diamond Viper V550
> > > in this case),
> >
> > Seconded.
> Does anyone actually have a TNT2 Ultra that they've used in Linux?  I've
> been looking at getting one with an Athlon system, and I'm sure I'll
> want to do some 3D stuff with it.  Any first hand experiences getting
> one to run say, Quake3?

I mentioned that I'd get a TNT2 but not an ultra because I've heard some
evil stories about motherboards being damaged due to the Ultra's high power
draw - high enough that some (many?) boards are not designed to be passing
that much over to the AGP slot (or anywhere).  I've got a feeling that's
the reasoning behind 3dFX's apparent plan to use an additional power
connector on the Voodoo 4&5's - either internally plugged into a standard
hard drive connector or using an additional external supply...

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