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News from Lake Wobegon

From another list:


	It's probably old news for the rest of you, but the
first I heard of it:

	Yesterday, in my local gratis-paper in this corner of
the extended city of Stockholm, where I live, they had a short
notice that http://www.transmeta.com is no longer silent --
that Transmeta, where Linus is hiding out, now has announced:

	"We rethought the microprocessor, to create a whole new
world of mobility.  Arriving January 19th, 2000.
The Crusoe processor."
	And commented out in the html I find this:

	Yes, there is a secret message, and this is it:
Transmeta's policy has been to remain silent about its plans
until it had something to demonstrate to the world.
On January 19th, 2000, Transmeta is going to announce and
demonstrate what Crusoe processors can do.
Simultaneously, all of the details will go up on this Web site
for everyone on the Internet to see.
Crusoe will be cool hardware and software for mobile
applications.  Crusoe will be unconventional, which is why we
wanted to let you know in advance to come look at the entire Web
site in January, so that you can get the full story and have
access to all  of the real details as soon as they are


Remember that I told you that Transmeta was working on a new CPU way back
in *April*, after hearing Linus at Fermilab...


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