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Kernel panic, no init found

Hello.  I'm running SuSE 6.2 and am having a bit of a problem trying to boot.  I get a message saying no init found.  I've tried several things at the Lilo prompt to try and get the init to run.  I've tried
li root=/dev/hdb7
li init=/sbin/init
li init=/bin/sh
I can boot from a boot disk, but I can't boot without one.  When I boot from a boot disk, I get a message about a bad superblock and to run e2fsck.  I have linux set up in a single 7GB partition.  I tried running e2fsck, but I couldn't figure out how that's supposed to work and it never ran right.
How do I fix my linux partition so I can boot to it without a boot disk?  Do I need to add something to /etc/inittab?  Should I consider reinstalling?  Thanks.

Sean Chisek